Georges-Xavier Blary
Service Designer, Product Manager & Digital Consultant

Portrait of Georges-Xavier Blary Are you creating a new digital product or service? Are you redesigning your site or your app? Do you wish to digitize your business?

I know the methods and have the skills to achieve your projects successfully.


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Digital strategy Service & UX Design Project Management
  • Brand platform
  • Digital ecosystems
  • Audits
  • Benchmarks
  • Strategic planning
  • Content strategy
  • Social Media strategy
  • Product Management
  • UX Strategy & Research
  • Design Thinking
  • Lean UX & Analytics
  • Design Sprint
  • User Journey Maps
  • Service Blueprint
  • Prototyping
  • Business & Functionnal analysis
  • Advisability & Feasability studies
  • Planning & roadmaps
  • Backlogs creation & maintenance
  • Functional specifications
  • Project monitoring
  • Tests & acceptance
  • Agile methodologies : Scrumban, Kanban...


During my more than 15 years long career, I occupied most of the positions in the digital trade. So I am now the best possible interface between all the stakeholders because I understand the needs and the point of views of each of them. Thus I am able to synthetize their requirements to carry a common vision which meets and exceeds the expectations of both the users and the business.

If I should sum up my carreer so far, I would put the stress on 3 points : Digital Strategy, Project Management & UX Design. That's why I founded the digital consulting firm L:EDigitalab which synthetize those 3 areas of expertise to serve your digital products and services.

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Human behavior is my main interest, that is why I completed a master's degree in Social Sciences where I studied social groups in history. Then I passed a master's degree in Communication and Information Studies dedicated to online communities. To perfect my training I studied statistics, geomatics and datavisualisation in order better understand and illustrate them.

Webmarketing fundamentals - IAB Europe (2018)

Web business developpement

Increase web visibility

Become SOLOMO (Social, Local, Mobile)

Search Engine Advertising

Web analytics

Set up an online store

Go international

Semantic web and Open Linked Data - French National Research Institute for the Digital Sciences (INRIA - 2017)

Model and share linked data on the Web (RDF) ;

Query linked data with SPARQL ;

Create vocabularies, make inferences and enrich data (RDFS, OWL, SKOS) ;

Follow data history (VOiD, DCAT, PROV-O, etc.).

Semantized and Spatialized Data - French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS - 2016)

Geographic Information Systems architecture and Spatial Data Infrastructure

Spatial Statistics and Analysis

Understand and implement Service Oriented or Resource Oriented Architecture

Semantic Web and semantic databases (RDF-RDFS, OWL, SparQL, Jena, GeoSparQL , SKOS, inferences…)

The Open Geospatial Consortium standard : strengths, weaknesses, evolutions

Spatiotemporal ontologies.

Python - Ociensa Technologies (2012)

Knowing and implementing Python.

Statistics fundamentals - Anastats (2011)

Describing a series of values.

Poser correctement les problèmes que les statistiques peuvent résoudre.

Choosing the right statistical test according to a situation.

Interpreting the outputs correctly.

Quantitative methods in social sciences - Quantilille (2009)

Improve knowledge in traditional quantitative data analysis as well as cutting edge methods ;

Promote the creation of international multidisciplinary quantitative data analysts networks ;

Developping and Valorizing Scientific Software - French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS - 2008)



Technical debt

Legal constraints and licenses

Costs evaluation


Roadmap creation

Functionnal Specifications writing

Software quality assurance

Development methods

Technical Specifications writing


Software Verification and Validation





Dealing with contributions


Profesionnal Master's Degree "Digital Document Engineering and Multimedia Mediation" - University of Lille (2007)

Designing and developping Websites

Social Media Management

Multimedia Mediation


Websites audit

Digital branding and visibility

Devising digital communication strategies

Thesis : "Online communities engineering : to raise and manage a community"

Master's Degree "Humanities and Social Sciences" - University of Lille (2006)

Thesis : "Embodying the authority - The officers of arms at the court of Burgundy (1404 – 1467)"

Quantitative analysis of the comptability of the Burgundian State (previously unedited)

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