Georges-Xavier Blary
Digital consultant, strategist and creative


photo de Georges-Xavier Blary

I am a digital consultant with 15 years experience in designing, developing and managing digital projects for several clients in various sectors.

I am the director and creative technologist of L:ED, a digital art collective.


Having been a webmaster to many websites, my career really started when I joined a game agency (3Dduo) as a web project manager. I loved the start-up spirit there. I developed for them a system for automatically linking users by calculating their social proximity score. Thus I was able to determine profiles and highlight thought leaders.

Then I joined the CNRS (French National Centre for Scientific Research) as a project engineer. I made web based software for analysing, processing and visualising data in social sciences for teaching and research purposes.

Then, my carreer shifted to the consulting business. I joined Image & Stratégie a communication agency as a digital consultant where I developed skills in digital strategy, webmarketing and communication. When I wanted to become an international worker I became a business analyst at Altran where I worked on an ERP for an international company leader in its field. Lately, with the data turn I felt the need to work again in data analysis so I joined the Col&Mon where I applied the geospatial business intelligence concepts and tools to digital humanities as a product owner and data architect.



Strategy Web projects design Project management
  • Digital Strategy
  • Brand platforms
  • Content strategy
  • Webmarketing
  • Community Management
  • Functional
  • Content
    • Architecture
    • SEO, SEM
  • Design and ergonomics
    • UI et UX design
    • Zoning
    • Accessibility
  • Technical
  • Plannings
  • Teams
  • Subcontractors
  • Financial



I have always been interested in the study of society. That is why I started with studying history. I studied social groups their self-representations and their links. To do so, I developed pieces of software including databases which allowed me to enter a master degree in Electronic Document Engineering and Digital Mediation.

This degree made me add all the knowledge necessary to manage digital projects to my development skills : digital strategy, communication, ergonomics, SEO, SEM...

Personal interests

I am making music since childhood. I made an ambient music record in 2013, and I hope I can do some more.

I am a sound designer too : I made the sounds for contemporary dance shows, for videos, and jingles radio stations and shows.

But, I am passionate by audiovisual performances. I produced some shows displayed by important festival in France (Vision'R) and in Europe (LPM).

And because I am into digital in all its form, I create pieces of digital art which have been displayed all around the world, even at the university of Stanford.

To develop my artistic activities, I created the digital art collective (L:ED) of which I am the director and creative technologist.

Interested ?

If you want to hire me, you can send me a mail at so we can discuss your project.